Bamboo Resources in Ghana: Diversity, properties, products and opportunities

Author: Stephen Lartey Tekpetey

Bamboo Resources HandbookData and information on bamboo resources in Ghana are scattered and in various forms. This impedes quality research work and effective dissemination of information on this valuable resource. Especially in an era where there is the introduction of  new courses in Non-timber forest products especially bamboo in most forestry related educational institutions in Ghana, the publication of the  handbook of bamboo resources in Ghana will improve access to information and data on bamboo in Ghana.  The book titled ‘Bamboo Resources in Ghana: Diversity, properties, products and opportunities” was published with financial support of ITTO fellowship (Ref No 010/10A). It is divided into eight chapters with each chapter comprising data and information on different aspects of bamboo resources in Ghana.

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Assessment of the Effectiveness of Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

Authors: Elizabeth Asantewaa Obeng,Emmanuel Marfo, Nelson Owusu-Ansah and Gertrude Boateng Nantwi

In an attempt to develop alternatives for illegal chainsaw milling in Ghana, a multi-stakeholder dialogue (MSD) process was established in September 2008 to create a platform for shared perspective among different actors on issues and solutions for chainsaw milling activities in Ghana. It was expected to provide an effective pathway for information generation and sharing, while strengthening stakeholder groups for efficient representations. This study covers key findings of research conducted to assess the effectiveness of the MSD platform as a participatory process. The aim is to provide an input to stimulate further reflection on how multi-stakeholder dialogue can be adopted as an effective participatory mechanism in deliberating issues among different actors in specific sectors in Ghana.

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Assessment of Baseline Indicators of the Chainsaw Milling Project in Ghana

Authors: Paul Bosu, Naomi Appiah and Emmanuel Marfo

This report is the outcome of a baseline assessment carried at the end of the first phase (2007-2012) of the project “Developing alternatives for illegal chainsaw lumbering through multi-stakeholder dialogue in Ghana and Guyana” to determine the extent to which the project achieved its objectives; and provide insight on pertinent issues specific to the CSM project in Ghana and the world at large. It also provides an outline of the baseline indicators for assessment at the end of the second phase of the project, (2012 – 2015).

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