CSIR-FORIG identifies lesser used timber species, wants collaboration for efficient utilization

The Forestry Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-FORIG), has identified 28 lesser used timber species on the market without adequate technical information for their efficient use.

CSIR holds a day’s sentisation workshop on snail farming

Forty Participants on Thursday in Bunsu CSIR-PGRRI benefitted from a training aimed at equipping young people with skills and knowledge in snail farming to improve their livelihood and boost snail production. They included staff of the National Youth Authority (NYA), Agricultural Extension Agents and farmers.


In conjunction with the UN International Bee Day 2021, a team of Danida alumni organized Ghana’s first Honey Festival and knowledge sharing forum in partnership with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (CSIR-FORIG). The festival was partly financed by a Danida Alumni Activity Grant and its theme “A Spotlight on Pollinators, Beekeeping, and Honey Safety for Sustainable Livelihoods and Biodiversity Conservation” could not be more timely.

Another new frog species ‘Conraua sagyimase’ discovered in Atewa Range Forest Reserve

A newly discovered critically endangered frog species found nowhere else in the world beyond the Atewa Range Forest Reserve has been described and published. With the common name Atewa Slippery frog, the new species has been named ‘Conraua sagyimase’ after the community of Sagyimase at the foot of the Atewa Forest that has supported work on the frog.

90 Atwima Mponua farmers trained on ‘innovative farming practices

Cocoa farmers and tree crop nursery operators in the Atwima- Mponua District of the Ashanti Region have undergone ‘innovative farming practices’ training for enhancement of their crop/tree farming and nursery businesses.

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UP Coming Snail Farming Training


UP Coming Snail Farming Training