2017 Colloquium Presentations

Urban Spaces, Carbon Sequestration and Biodiversity in the Cities of the Global South – Case of Kumasi, Ghana
Dr. Bertrand Nero

Understanding Water Fluxes in Tropical Forests
Dr. Lucy Rowland (University of Exeter, UK) 

Alternate Livelihood  Resilience and Sustainability: The case of Nsemire Forest Reserve
Mr. Eric Nutakor

Exploratory Data Analysis: an Approach to Understanding your Research Data
Mrs. Stella Britwum Acquah

CSIR-FORIG Climate Change and Integrated Natural Resources Programme: Understanding the Programme and your Inputs”
Dr. Mark Appiah

Wood Industry and Utilization Research:  Some Achievements and Progress
Mr. Francis Wilson Owusu

Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 and O3 on Wood Density, Anatomical Properties and Decomposition of Northern Hardwoods
Dr. Emmanuel Ebanyenle

Addressing the Menace of Illegal Mining - Contribution of CSIR-FORIG
Director /HoDs/HoS

Indigenous knowledge on medicinal plants: A comparative study
Mr. Sparkler Brefo Samar

Physical Properties of two cordial Species Grown in Ghana
Ms .Bridgette Brentuo

Analysis of Challenges on the Ghanaian Domestic  Wood Market: A Position Paper
Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Darko Obiri

Bamboo: A hope for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Ghana
Dr. Mrs. Gloria Djaney Djagbletey

Ranking of tree species used for fuelwood in the transitional zone of Ghana
Dr. James Korang


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UP Coming Snail Farming Training