Advancing REDD+ in Ghana: Preparation of REDD+ Pilot Schemes in Off-Reserve Forests and Agroforests

Project Team:
Oduro, K.A., Agyeman, V.K., Foli, E. & Damnyag, L.

Th is project is preparing a major support component to Ghana’s Readiness Preparation Proposal (RPP) and aims at strengthening Ghana’s capacities to prevent and reduce deforestation and forest degradation and enhance carbon stocks (REDD+). It lays out the ground work for the development or enhancement of off -reserve production systems under REDD+ schemes, in line with e ort to reduce GHG emissions in forests. Th e present REDDES project is a preparatory step for an additional support component for the implementation of Ghana’s R-PP and is mainly concerned with developing a number of analytical works and the de finition of REDD+ pilots in off -reserve areas. Th e project

This also aimed at developing a framework to guide the implementation of REDD+ from the national to the local level. is shall allow Ghana to take stock of existing initiatives that have the potential to be considered under REDD+, as well as to concretely analyze promising REDD+ activities, which will be an integral part of the RPP.

The objective is to provide Ghana with proposals for the enhancement of sustainable o ff-reserve production systems under REDD+ schemes with a focus on local livelihood improvement. Some of the outputs of this project include a draft guide on the implementation of REDD+ in Ghana: criteria and modalities for developing a REDD+ project together with a policy brief defi ning the Governance Structure of Carbon Assets

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