Lawrence Damnyag (PhD)

Position: Principal Research Scientist

HOD: Forest Products & Marketing

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +233-51-60123 / 60373

Professional Fields of Interest:

Forest Science / Forest Economics

Professional Background

2008-2012    PhD Forest Science/Forest Economics, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland,
1998-2000    Master of Philosophy in Economics, University of Ghana, specializing in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics, & Econometrics,
1993-1996    Bachelor of Arts (Hon), Economics with Statistics, University of Ghana


Refereed Journal Papers

Damnyag, L., Saastamoinen, O., Blay, D., Dwomoh, K.F., Anglaaere, C.N.L., Pappinen, A. 2013. Sustaining protected areas: identifying and controlling deforestation and forest degradation drivers in the Ankasa Conservation Area, Ghana. Biological Conservation 165: 86-94

Damnyag, L. 2012. Valuation of ecosystem services for assessment of cost of deforestation, and analysis of its drivers with implications for sustainable forest management in Ghana. Dissertationes Forestales 142. 44 p. Available at

Damnyag, L. Saastamoinen, O, Appiah, M., Pappinen, A. 2012. Role of tenure insecurity in deforestation in Ghana’s high forest zone. Forest Policy and Economics 14 (1): 90-98.

Hansen, C.P., Damnyag, L., Obiri, B.D., Carlsen, K. 2012. Revisiting illegal logging and the size of the domestic timber market: The case of Ghana. International Forestry Review 14(1): 39-49.

Damnyag, L., Tyynelä, T., Appiah, M., Saastamoinen, O., Pappinen, A., 2011. Economic cost of deforestation in semi-deciduous forests-A case of two forest districts in Ghana. Ecological Economics 70 (12): 2503-2510.

Obiri, B.D., Damnyag, L. 2011. Socio-economic contribution of illegal chainsaw milling to the Ghanaian rural economy. Ghana Journal of Forestry 27: 50-67

Appiah, M., Damnyag, L., Blay, D., Pappinen, A. 2010. Forest and agro ecosystem fire management. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 15 (6): 551–570.

Mark Appiah, Dominic Blay, Lawrence Damnyag, Ari Pappinen, and Olavi Luukkanen 2009. Dependence on forest resources and tropical deforestation in Ghana. Environment, Development and Sustainability 11(3):471-487

Blay D., Appiah M., Damnyag L., Dwomoh F., Luukkanen, O. and Pappinen A. 2008. Involving local farmers in the rehabilitation of degraded tropical forests: Some lessons from Ghana. Environ Dev Sustain 10:503-518.

Blay D., Damnyag, L., K. Twum-Ampofo., Dwomoh, F. 2007. Charcoal production as sustainable source of livelihood in Afram plains and Kintampo North Districts in Ghana. Discovery and innovation (AFFORNET Special edition no. 3), volume19, pages 199-204.

Dominic Blay, Mark Appiah, Lawrence Damnyag, Ari Pappinen, and Olavi Luukkanen 2007. Rehabilitation of degraded forest lands: The performance of indigenous tree species. Discovery and innovation (AFFORNET Special edition no. 3), volume 19. pages 212-221

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