L. C. N. Anglaaere (PhD)


2000 Certificate: (Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting, Verification and Certification of Carbon Sequestration Projects; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, U.S.A.; (8th - 26th May 2000).

Professional fields of interest

Agroforestry; Ecophysiology; Plantation Silviculture, Carbon Sequestration; Landscape Restoration

Research Projects

  • Improving the sustainability of cocoa farms in ghana through utilization of native forest trees in agroforestry system
  • Allanblackia standard setting and sustainable supply chain management: Establishment of Biological baselines.
  • Development of silvicultural prescriptions based on research trials for the establishment and management of forest plantations in Ghana.


Adu-Anning, C., Anglaaere, L.C.N. & Nwoboshi, L.C. (1995). Growth, energy yield and nutrient uptake of some fuel wood species in the savanna of Ghana. Journal of Tree Science 14(1): 23