The National Tree Seed Centre

Welcome to the National Tree Seed Centre (NTSC).

The NTSC operates as a Section under the Forest Improvement and Productivity Division of CSIR-FORIG. It is mandated to ensure the sustainable supply of high quality germplasm and planting materials for reforestation projects, plantation development, and research purposes.

With  its state-of-the-art facilities, and competent Research scientist and Technicians, the NTSC provides a wide range of essential services in tree seed and seedling production for our local and international clients. The NTSC is currently running a seed conservation project with the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership at the Royal Botanic Garden in Kew, United Kingdom.

The NTSC is also collaborating with the Botanical Garden Conservation International (BGCI) in the UK, to develop efficient propagation protocols for threatened tree species in Ghana and beyond.

Our Services

  • Production and supply of high quality seeds and seedlings for all indigenous and exotic tree species These seeds and seedlings are available for sale to individuals, private companies, and institutions upon request.
  • Carrying out tree seed-related research (phenology, seed conservation, storage physiology, germination improvement and modeling, seed health, tree improvement, tree breeding etc.)
  • Documentation and management of Tree Seed Sources across the country.
  • Protection and management of Genetic Diversity stands and Field gene-banks
  • Tree seed testing for research and quality assurance.
  • Seed collection for seedling production and long-term seed banking.
  • Training and advisory services to users of tree seeds and seedlings.
  • Capacity building and technical training of researchers and students in phenological monitoring, tree seed handling, seed testing and seed data collection and analysis.

 Forest Tree Species On Sale

Scientific name

Local Name

Entandrophragma utile


Entandrophragma angloense


Tectona grandis


Khaya ivorensis


Khaya species


Albizia zygia


Terminalia superba


Terminalia ivorensis


Mansonia altissima


Nauclea diderrichii


Triplochiton scleroxylon


Pericopsis elata


Piptadeniastrum africanum


Pycnanthus angolensis


Cedrela odorata


Heritiera utilis


Milicia excelsa


Allanblackia parviflora


Ornamentals Available For Sale

  • Royal veitchii
  • Blighia sapida
  • Polyantha
  • Durantha
  • bougainvillea
  • Ixora
  • Croton
  • Terminalia mentalis
  • Tetrapleura tetraptera

 Please contact us for any of the above listed services through the following e-mails:



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UP Coming Snail Farming Training