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Compiled by: Djagbletey, G.D.,Adu-Bredu, S., Duah-Gyamfi, A., Aabeyir, R., Djagbletey, E.D., Akpalu, S.E., Adeyiga, G.K., Addo-Danso, S.D., Hagan Brown W., Dabo, J., Amponsah-Manu, E.

The three most important attributes of wood as a forest product are the wood anatomy, wood density and the wood quality. Wood anatomy with unique internal xylem characteristics predicts the structure of wood and ultimately the architecture of wood products. Wood density determines the suitability of a species for end-use; higher density is associated with strength and stiffness of wood products while lower density is associated with light wood products like pulp, paper, match box, veneer, etc. Wood quality, on the other hand, is a resultant effect of physical and mechanical properties to meet different strength requirements for heavy, medium or light products.


Climate Change is a serious phenomenon, which is threatening the world today. Consequently, climate change and environmental sustainability are currently issues of global concerns that need urgent action with multi-stakeholder approach. Swift and pragmatic steps are necessary to be able to address these concerns through awareness creation and information sharing so as to reach out to as many people as practicable.

Forests provide wide range of essential goods (timber, food, fodder, medicines, mushrooms, snails, game/bush-meat, etc.) and services (regulation of water, removal of pollutants from the atmosphere, protection of soil from erosion, protection of watersheds, serving as wind-break, moderating climate change effects, removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and production of oxygen for other organisms, aesthetic value, provision of habitat for most plants and animals, place for recreation and spiritual renewal). This natural heritage is however, under serious pressure from clearing for increased food production and new settlement (as a result of population increase), legal and illegal wood harvesting, sand wining and mining. There is therefore, the urgent need to maintain and preserve the little forest that is left to ensure sustainable production of these goods and services to benefit present generation and generations yet unborn.

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UP Coming Snail Farming Training

Our Goals

Conduct high quality user-focused forestry research that generates scientific knowledge and appropriate technologies.

Disseminate forestry related information for the improvement of the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Ghanaian people.

To enhance the sustainable development, conservation and efficient utilisation of Ghana's forest resources.

To foster stronger linkages through collaborative research across disciplines among its scientists, stakeholders and external Institutions




Our Vision

To be a centre of excellence in forestry research in the humid tropics

Our Mission

We undertake demand-driven research, build capacity and promote the application of technologies
for sustainable management of forest resources for the benefit of society.